End of Year Giving

We need your help to raise $162,000 by December 31st

On a recent trip to Kenya, Brad, Sarah & Lydia got a precious glimpse of the hope and freedom that has come from this work that you are such a vital part of. Your generosity has helped ensure that over 120,000 HIV+ mothers and their babies have received the follow up care they need. Each of those numbers represents a person, an individual, and last month, four of those mothers came to personally thank the people behind the HITSystem.

Our GHI team was visiting Kapsabet Hospital, a rural HITSystem facility in the Rift Valley.  As they were finishing their visit and walking out into the hospital courtyard, they were stopped by a group of women and children dressed in their nicest clothes. Little girls and boys in their Sunday best and their mothers there to proudly introduce their children.  As our team grew closer they saw that each mom wore a sash, boldly imprinted with the words, “HITSystem PMTCT Champion.”  These mothers had come to make a statement and ensure that we knew the impact that being part of the HITSystem had made in their lives and the lives of their children. The lives touched, and for several, the lives saved, were standing right in front of our team proudly wearing the name that had changed the course of their lives. You are such an important part of that! It was a beautiful moment and a profound reminder that these brave moms and their babies are the true champions.

As we enter the end of the year giving season, our goal, with your help, is to fund the HITSystem in 90 hospitals for the year 2019. It takes $150 each month to run the HITSystem in each of these hospitals, only $1800 for the entire year. We need your help to raise $162,000 by December 31.  Your funds will go toward ensuring that even more HITSystem Champions are cared for in the year ahead.

Thank you for being part of the movement to end HIV/AIDS in our generation.  Our prayer is that we continue to work ourselves out of a job and HIV/AIDS becomes a thing of the past, and we need your help.  Thank you for joining us in the fight.  Click here to give today: https://globalhealthinnovations.org/donate/

Brad Gautney

Global Health Innovations