Reflections from a Summer Intern

This summer, I had an invaluable internship experience with GHI. I had amazing co-workers who constantly went above and beyond, a fellow intern whom I could also learn from, and a boss/mentor who always shared practical advice to prepare me for my future career in the field of global health.

If I didn’t get to meet you at our Open House in August, here is a little bit of background on me:

1. I am a recent graduate of Boston University where I got my B.S. in Human Physiology. I am currently pursuing my MPH with concentrations in Epidemiology and Global Health at Boston University School of Public Health.

2. Prior to GHI, I worked in nonprofit development in organizations supporting Alzheimer’s research and cardiovascular care.

3. Dallas, Texas is my hometown.

I found GHI by doing a quick search of “global health Dallas” and it was the first result. I was looking for a position to fulfill my Master of Public Health (MPH) practicum requirement, so I decided to give it a shot and email GHI. Monica set up an interview for me and after talking to Brad, I immediately knew GHI would be an organization I would want to align myself with: not only are they passionate about the cause, they are transparent in the way programs are implemented.

I quickly learned that GHI is a small but mighty team. I really admire how this organization keeps overhead small and is dedicated to empowering the populations they serve by hiring nationals out in the field. It is so important that international programs are sustainable in the country they are intended to reach.

Most of my work this summer was focused on Development and Communications projects. I did extensive prospect research and compiled a foundations database of potential funders for GHI. I also picked up some graphic design skills and created media content and brochures for GHI. My four months at GHI was too short so I decided to stay on the team and am continuing to work for GHI remotely while I am in Boston finishing up my studies! Looking ahead, I am excited to be included on a research paper on Early Infant Diagnosis outcomes in Tanzania. I am so grateful that I have a team that looks out for me and is supportive of my career goals.

GHI is truly unique. I have worked in other organizations where hierarchy and administrative red tape hinders innovation in the office. Even as an intern, I always felt heard and that my ideas were valued. While Brad and Lydia were out of the country doing field visits, I learned to manage myself and take up leadership roles I have never carried out before. I had the chance to apply my previous experiences in fundraising and grant writing while also learning how to work in interprofessional teams.

Working at GHI solidified my interest in global health. While I am in school learning how to analyze public health programs, I am continuously reminded of the values GHI has taught me. Every data field we follow in the HITSystem is a life saved and the GHI team works tirelessly to ensure the best care for the people we serve.

Thanks for an incredible summer, GHI!

Katelyn Yuen

Global Health Innovations