In Swahili, the word UHAI means LIFE. When we drove up to UHAI Health Centre today, I was reminded of what that word meant. When we went inside, it was proven by the amazing staff there using the HITSystem. UHAI Health Centre is one of our best performing facilities in Tanzania and we always say the HITSystem is only as good as the person using it. This rings true with the nurse there in the maternal child health (MCH) department. Her name is Teddy Tarimo (pictured between our directors, Erika and Farida). When we walked into MCH, we saw dozens of brave women with their babies. At the helm of the work there is nurse Tarimo. She had the HITSystem up and was entering these moms and their beautiful babies into the system as quickly as they could enter the room. And the outcomes there are incredible. Actually, the team here, which is now 20 strong, is transforming lives across the board. Just in this program alone in Mbeya, they have enrolled over 5000 HIV exposed babies, 27,000 HIV+ women, children and men in our viral load program, and 4500 HIV+ mothers in our PMTCT program, since January. Of those babies that are HIV+, they have been able to initiate 100% of them on life-saving antiretroviral treatment. That is an accomplishment that is rarely seen across sub-Saharan Africa….it is that special. And it is people like Teddy Tarimo that make it happen. You, also make it happen, as your support, prayers and encouragement honestly sustain this work. It is not just work, but it is “work” that is saving lives and raising up a new generation of healthy children. As these life-saving programs continue to grow, we need your partnership more than ever. We especially need committed monthly donors.  Please consider partnering with us by donating today or committing to monthly support. We are truly thankful for all you continue to do to support this work! 

As always, thank you from Tanzania!

God Bless,

Brad Gautney

Global Health Innovations